What CARFAX report won’t tell you

Credits: flickr.com

Sometimes knowing public history of a car is not enough

For 35 years of its existence CARFAX proved to be an extremely valuable source of information about vehicle history, which can hardly be challenged by any competitor. But as you may read even in Wikipedia, “consumers should not rely on CARFAX alone when checking out a used vehicle”. And not only because not all accidents are reported to CARFAX. Another issue is that the sales history of some vehicles may hide some unpleasant secrets, even without registered accidents. What if a certain pre-owned car is re-listed over and over again? Could it be a hard-sell ? Perhaps the owner knows something about it, which he/she would not like to disclose? If he keeps dropping the price – he may be desperate to sell the car and you can try to bargain. If dealers resell cars to each other, it’s not shown in DMV files, and hence in CARFAX report, neither. This is where Subaba can help a prospective buyer to find this hidden information, making the choice of the car and the bidding more conscious.

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