10 most offered used cars in Florida

most popular cars in miami
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Extensive Subaba database has now over 1 million used cars, derived from FL historical data (gathered over the period of last six months), 237,609 of which are currently offered for sale (active listings on Craigslist, Ebay, CarGurus and Facebook) as of April 19, 2021.

The supply on the secondary market, of course, does not correspond with the situation on a new car market, as well as with real sales of used cars at the moment, because turnover speed of different makes and models varies quite a bit. Owners of trucks & SUVs tend to keep them noticeably longer than owners of sedans.

Thus, most offered model in Subaba’s Florida list is Ford F-150 with 7574 cars present at the market today (average price $18,600) – which does not necessarily mean it is also the top selling model. Its average age is 10 years and in the new cars top selling list this model ranks only 8th.

The second most offered FL used car is Chevy Silverado (5955 pcs at the market, $19,125 average price) which is also the oldest (manufactured in 2010). It holds 15th position in the new cars top selling list. These 2 leaders are followed by 5 Japanese sedans: 2 Toyotas, 2 Hondas and 1 Nissan, and then a Korean Hyundai Sonata.

Florida is different the rest of US, with the leading positions of (mostly Asian) sedans

This is partly explained by Florida’s temperate climate, as most roads are paved and residents don’t need to deal with snow and rough terrain compared to other states, and partly with the average wages here which are among the lowest in the US. Nissan Altima, the most popular new car of 2020 in many states in the South and Southwest, seems to be also the quickest model to be re-sold in Florida, with the average manufacturing year being 2014.

Credits: pixabay.com

The top 10 concludes with Jeep Wrangler (typically 2013, $25,270) and BMW 3 series, typically 2011, $12,982. The whole top 10 list looks as follows:

#MakeModelCountAverage PriceAverage Year
10BMW3 Series3190$12,982.002011

In the brands competition (added up by models), top offer list is as follows:


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